Momiji 2022

Momiji festival will take place on the October 8th 2022 in Tartu

What is Momiji?

Momiji is a festival for introducing and enjoying Japanese culture. You will have the chance to listen to different presentations, participate in interesting workshops, watch movies, observe demonstrations and much more. The festival is a successor to Japan Month which started in 2015. It was a companion event to the Japanese popculture festival AniMatsuri, which has taken place since 2007.

Momiji will take place on the October 8th starting at 12:30. Doors open at 11:30.

Everyone interested in Japanese culture is welcome, but also those who might want to just see what this is about.


* Presale tickets are 12€ and available until 7th of October 23:59 GMT+3
* Tickets at the venue will cost 15€

– Children up to 2 years old (included) get in for free.
– Children under 10 years of age must have a companion of at least 15 years of age.

Your ticket will be switched for a wristband at the festival which means you can freely move in and out of the festival venue.

The person who buys a ticket to the event has to follow the festival’s Code of Conduct.

The festival team or security have the right to:

 – deny you entry to the festival if there is suspicion that the ticket/wristband is not real or not for this event for the noted access dates;
– check the existence of your wristband at any time during your time on the festival grounds;
 – ask you to leave the festival grounds in case you don’t have a wristband or it is not the correct wristband;
– ask you to leave the festival grounds if they have found you in violation of the festival Code of Conduct.


If you lose your wristband or it is destroyed, you have to buy a new ticket to get to the festival grounds!


The festival will take place at the V Spa Conference center at Riia 2, Tartu. The Kvartal shopping center is located in the same building.

The entrance to V Spa is at the corner of Aleksandri and Soola street.


Outside the schedule

During the day you can try your hand in popular board games in Japan like shogi, mahjong and go. You can fold origami and make nekomimis. Those who are interested can try on a Japanese yukata (summer kimono).

You will be able to buy onigiri made by Tokumaru (Japanese rice balls) and Japanese tea (you can try them out first).

About the Organisers

The organizer of Momiji festival is NPO Japanese Culture Club Asashio. Asashio is a Tartu-based club for Japan lovers. It has been active since 2005. The club started out as an anime club which focused mainly on Japanese pop culture, but as time has passed, the interest and activities have developed into a general interest in Japanese culture. The main activities of the club include organizing events related to the same topic. There have been various lectures, presentations, parties, game nights, movie nights, and workshops. One of the main events is the annual AniMatsuri festival that keeps growing and growing with every year. Since 2015, a parallel event called Japan Month has taken place that focuses on the broader culture of Japan. It was renamed Momiji in 2022.

Club’s homepage

For any further questions please contact us at

Kaia Jallai
Head organizer for AniMatsuri and Momiji

Janar Pääsik
Program manager for AniMatsuri and Momiji